Neighbourly Promise

Your neighbourhood is more than just what’s nearby – it’s your home, your friends and your family.

To help create a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone, we ask everyone to make the Neighbourly Promise.


I will show respect to all of my neighbours no matter who they are.


I will ask neighbourly questions and give helpful answers.


I will report inappropriate posts to help keep the neighbourhood safe, friendly and supportive.

What questions should I ask?

The best questions are 'neighbourly questions', meaning those that you would ask to the family living next door. Whatever you ask or answer, it should always be relevant and respectful.

Learn more about what you can and cannot post by reading the Neighbourly User Policy. If you break these rules, you may be removed from Neighbourly.

Can I decline the promise?

No. Your neighbours have made a promise to treat you with respect – and they trust that you have made it, too. If you aren’t comfortable with making the Neighbourly Promise, you shouldn’t use Neighbourly.